What does preventative maintenance consist of?

Our preventative maintenance service consists of complete overhead door and opener inspection that includes looking over all mechanics for wear or damage, lubricating and adjusting basic components and recommending any necessary replacement parts. Ask how you can set up on our scheduled preventative maintenance program!

Why do you need preventative maintenance?

Just like our vehicles, our garage doors and openers require regular scheduled maintenance to increase their dependability. Overhead doors and openers include many moving parts that require annual adjustments. If doors and openers are not routinely cared for, emergency service will inconvenience you and may become costly. Regular maintenance on your overhead door and opener can help prolong the lifespan of both.

How often do you need preventative maintenance?

There are many factors that help decide how often your door system(s) will need preventative maintenance such as what kind of products you have, where they are located and how often they are used. Some door systems may need regular maintenance on a monthly basis, while others may only require maintenance every six to twelve months.

Who should perform preventative maintenance?

Avoid the need for emergency service by having our trained technicians maintain the mechanics of your door system.  Because of the complex elements of overhead doors and openers, only trained professionals should inspect and service them.  Without proper knowledge of how overhead doors and openers function, homeowners inspecting doors on their own is dangerous.

How much does preventative maintenance cost?

The cost of preventative maintenance depends on the door systems in place and the additional factors that determine the frequency of the service. Preventative maintenance helps reduce the cost of emergency service and prolongs the lifespan of the door so that homeowners replace their systems less often. To determine how often your door system may require preventative maintenance and to get an estimate, call us for a free consultation.

Safety Videos:

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